Jewellery handmade in London by a Norwegian


My name is Anna, I’m a Norwegian who has lived in the UK for the past 7 years. I’ve always loved making things, and during lockdown decided I wanted to open my own Etsy shop.

All the jewellery in my shop is handmade using real flowers preserved in resin. I love the thought of being able to actually wear real flowers, and when I started making the jewellery, I thought that other other people might feel the same way!

Even though I love Pansies and Forget Me Nots, I really enjoy testing out different types of flowers, sizes and colours for my jewellery. I also support a lot of other shops on Etsy when sourcing the flowers, and try to keep everything as locally sourced as possible. (Although sometimes I come across some unique types of flowers from other parts of the world). My mum also sends me flowers from Norway, some from our cozy little summer cabin and others from the mountain.